When you build a new house or renovate an old building the problem of finishing the window and door jambs is quite common. The traditional drywall window and door jambs have a number of disadvantages like cracks, paint peeling, yellowing or even mold. If you install our plastic trim system for window or door jambs you will get a high quality product and you can forget about the problems listed above.

It is essentially faster to install our plastic trim system. When replacing windows or doors of an old house you can avoid major interior painting job usually needed. Also it is much easier to keep your window and door jambs clean when using our plastic trim system. Our plastic trim system is great for both interior and exterior use.

The manufacturer’s guarantee of our plastic trim system is 30 years. It is extremely easy to install our plastic trim system, but we also provide installation training to builders, architects and distributors.

We are looking forward to find new customers and local distributors in Europe and all over the world. Please contact our Export Manager by email