Our plastic trim system for window or door jambs has several advantages over conventional finishing materials. Our plastic trim system was created as a complete and easy-to-install solution for window and door jambs, both indoors and outdoors. Our plastic trim system is made of high quality materials by using advanced production technology. If you install our plastic trim system for window or door jambs you will get a high quality product at a reasonable price and you’ll save lots of time because of the simple and fast installation. No need to plaster and paint, no need to wait until materials dry. When replacing windows or doors of an old house you can avoid major interior painting job usually needed. Also it is much easier to keep your window and door jambs clean when using our plastic trim system. Our plastic trim system is great for both interior and exterior use. The manufacturer’s guarantee of our plastic trim system is 30 years. Regardless being extremely easy to install our plastic trim system we also provide installation training to builders, architects and distributors.

Jamb panels are manufactured in width up to 600 mm. Standard panels with width of 200 and 300 mm have a lock on one side, and panels with width 400 and 600 mm have locks on both sides, which allows, if necessary, to adjust the panel width for any jamb width, as well as to minimize the amount of leftovers. The jamb panel has a specially designed unique lock consisting of two parts.

The starting profile is intended to “fasten” the window or door profile
(frame) to the window pane. The fastening is made by self-tapping screws
or on a double-sided adhesive tape. Our starting profile has a special
element of beak which prevents cracks and gaps between window (door)
openings and start profiles.
In addition, a decorative and functional element is emphasized which fixes
the outer part of the panel and gives the starting profile an aesthetic

The decorative cover strip 75 mm wide perfectly hides possible defects of
walls in a zone of finishing and ennobles an aperture. It gives the entire
system a flawless and complete look. The uniqueness of the system also
lies in the fact that it is possible to install one single cage separately, using
a proprietary fastener element – a latch. It is also possible to install the
system without an angled cover. The vertical and horizontal cover strip in
this case are simply assembled at an angle of 45 degrees.

The latch attached to the wall fixes the window or door aperture. The latch
is mounted after the cover strip.

Corner cover – Part of the system is an elegant hook cover that allows you
to combine vertical and horizontal cover strips without having to cut them at
a 45 degree angle. This significantly reduces window installation time.

Our plastic bales advantage over other solutions is quick and easy installation. Knowing the fast pace of peoples lives, so no need to paint or patch and you only need couple of days for fresh finish.

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